Alexander Holtz: 2020's Pure Goal Scorer

January 23rd, 2020

To all my readers I want to apologize for my hiatus here at NHL Prospect Report. Life began to get in the way towards me covering up-and-coming prospects and I had to put writing on a brief hold. That being said, I’m looking forward to bringing you all more content on players that could be part of the next generation of NHL regulars. Without further ado let’s get this thing rolling with one of my favorite players of the 2020 draft class, Sweden’s own Alexander Holtz.

There have been multiple draft classes with players dubbed to be “dynamic duos”. The most recent one was Jonathan Drouin and Nathan MacKinnon both getting plucked from the Halifax Mooseheads within the first three picks back in the 2013 Draft. The year before, we saw Nail Yakupov (lol) and Alex Galchenyuk also get taken in the same draft slots. Hyping up prospects as “dynamic duos” can lead to players becoming busts, but I do believe that Holtz and his international counterpart, Lucas Raymond, should have no issue developing into studs at the NHL level. 

So what exactly makes Holtz tick? The first thing that stands out when you watch him play is his offensive abilities. He has arguably one of the best shots in the 2020 draft class, and it has allowed him to score some very pretty goals on a regular basis. Playing on a men’s team in the Swedish Hockey League, he’s often been paired with former NHLer Patrik Berglund who is helping Holtz develop into the star player he’s quickly becoming. 

When you watch Holtz play – specifically in the offensive zone – he uses his positioning to keep the opposing players off the puck. The closer he gets to the net is where he really shows us his bread and butter. He can be very tenacious on the puck, pursuing the defending team while in the offensive zone to try and create a turnover. When you consider the fact that he’s not some 6’1” or bigger power-forward, you begin to recognize the kind of potential this kid possesses.

As the title says, Holtz has one of the best shots in the draft class. In international tournaments he’s spent lots of time with fellow Swede and 2020 prospect Lucas Raymond who also projects to be a top 10 pick. Raymond is definitely more of the playmaker between the two which has allowed people to see the kind of shot that Holtz possesses. Once he gets into the offensive zone, he can rip a one-timer right above the goalie in the blink of an eye just as quickly as he can get a wrist shot off. For any team looking for a pure goal scorer, Alexander Holtz appears to be the answer to their prayers if you are picking in the top 10 (probably 5) in this years draft.

Alexander is by no means a one-trick pony. Even though he has such a lethal shot his playmaking abilities remain underrated. Thanks to the way he can keep the puck on the string in the offensive zone, he has no problem finding the open man for a goal. You hear a lot of people talk about Hockey IQ and this kid definitely possesses a high one. It ultimately allows him to think the game at such a fast pace that when he’s on the ice he consistently puts his team in position to get high-danger shots off at the goalie both off the rush and while controlling the offensive zone. 

Now, this article may sound like a lot like I’m just preaching about all the good things that Holtz does. Don’t get me wrong, I think he will develop into a very nice player but like most prospects he has things he needs to work on. His skating could definitely use some work as he’s not the fastest player on the ice and his acceleration could also improve. Even though he has plenty to work on both defensively and with his conditioning, I see no reason why he won’t develop into a high-end top six player who could thrive as a first-line winger with the right teammates. 

Holtz could be picked anywhere in the 3-10 range, but no matter where he lands, the team that drafts him should be excited about this young swede's potential.


"He has arguably one of the best shots in the 2020 draft class"

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